Teacher's Assistant

Dear Students,

I am looking to hire 3-4 new TAs for CEEN 341 this fall. The TA will work approximately 10-12 hours per week, and will be expected to lead a geotechnical lab session. Weekly work responsibilities will include teaching a lab session, grading student lab reports and providing technical writing feedback, participating in weekly technical writing improvement sessions, and holding regular office hours to assist with homework. Training will be provided. The applicant must have received a grade of B+ or higher in CEEN 341 to be eligible for these positions. Preference will be given to graduate students and to students desiring to pursue a career in geotechnical or materials engineering. If you are interested, please obtain a TA application from the secretaries. Submit the completed application and your resume to me (Dr. Franke) by August 10. If you are away from Utah, simply email a copy of your resume to me.


--Dr. Franke


Kevin W. Franke

Assistant Professor

Brigham Young University

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering 368P Clyde Building Provo, UT 84602