BYU CEEN Alumni: Alan Zundel

Alan Zundel, former BYU faculty member, is currently the president of Aquaveo, a water resources consulting firm. Aquaveo grew out of the ECGL and EMRL research labs in the BYU Engineering department on campus.  Working with government sponsors they recognized a need to better understand water flow and the importance that data visualization could provide to the industry.  Zundel said, “Consequently we began developing tools to do that, the ultimate result is this company where we still primarily hire current and former BYU students to help us expand our capacity and outreach around the world.”

Today Aquaveo provides software and consulting services to assist in solving engineering problems related to water processes.  This includes hydrology, hydraulics and groundwater processes.  Aquaveo also provides informatics services with web based databases and services.  They work with engineering firms and municipalities both locally and throughout the world including contracts in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  Aquaveo is also involved in sponsoring research in academia and promoting developments that will improve the state of the art.

Aquaveo continues to give all of their employees an opportunity to grow in the firm. Aquaveo highly values the importance of continuing to learn.  Because of their love for learning, Aquaveo encourages professional development among their employees and sponsors training and educational opportunities.  Aquaveo works closely with many partners in industry and government and encourages their employees to build professional networks with these individuals. Since Aquaveo is a small business, they currently do not offer relocation options, but they do have remote/home working employees when this is feasible. As well, Aquaveo continues to hire new employees including students from Brigham Young University. Alan Zundel said this about hiring BYU students. “Current and former BYU students have always provided the foundation for our company.  We have found that the students we hire from BYU are capable and ready with the skills to contribute.  We encourage fresh ideas and contributions to increase productivity and synergy.  We are always looking for highly qualified Engineers and Programmers to join our team.”

Aquaveo is located at 3210 N Canyon Road, Ste 300, Provo, UT; just a couple miles north of Lavell Edwards Stadium. Due to the fact that they have software clients in over 100 countries, Aquaveo offers training courses around the country and world.  They have provided specialized training and consulting in over 10 countries in this year alone. Although they are a locally based company with strong Utah roots Aquaveo has a worldwide impact.

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