The BYU Student Wellness Program

Graduate Student Instructor

Graduate Student Employment Opportunity

The BYU Student Wellness program is seeking qualified instructors to teach activity classes.

 The salary for teaching one activity class is $1,123 for the semester and includes two hours of teaching plus an additional two hours for preparation weekly. The salary is paid on a contract basis so clocking in is not required.  Each class is .5 credits and meets twice a week for 50 minutes. Once trained, the employee would have the opportunity to teach activity classes in future semesters.

Teaching an activity class for university students provides a unique opportunity to work with a professional teacher with years of experience in teaching skills and concepts to all ages. You will be provided with teaching techniques and valuable feedback and any assistance needed to enhance your teaching experience.

Eligibility requirements:

               Must be a graduate student

               Experience, skill and knowledge of the sport being taught

               Passion for teaching

               Commitment to teach assigned class(es) for the semester

Enroll in STAC 585 1st block Fall semester (Fridays 9-10:50am) and participate in training given during the pre-school workshops (August 26-28).  

Activity classes include: Aerobic Dance, Indoor Cycling, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Flexibility, Golf, Jogging, Racquetball, Soccer, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Tennis, Volleyball & Weight Training.

For additional information contact Mary Beth Wald at 801-422-5638 or email

To apply email your resume and a letter describing your sport experience and your desire to teach to the same email address by March 23rd.