Civil Talk E-News April 2015

We're Thinking 'New'

Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss

BYU Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Chair

Although this past winter was one of the mildest in memory, we nonetheless look forward to spring and summer as we teach our students and anticipate ramping up our research. We’re thinking ‘new.’ Let me give you some examples:

  • A re-invigorated vision statement: “We strive to prepare world-class civil engineers and leaders who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Every decision we make is evaluated in light of this statement.
  • Grants and publications: included in this issue is a list of funded research projects being conducted by your BYU faculty. As you look at the list I hope you are impressed with the depth, variety, and intriguing nature of the work being done. We also provide to you a list of the faculty publications for 2014. We led the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology in 2014 in the number of refereed publications per faculty member and the so-called activity index. The activity index is the ratio of total faculty divided by the number of faculty who published a refereed paper. I’m pleased to say that our activity index for 2014 was a perfect 1.0. Full Article...

Jennifer Craft won First Place in the Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Jennifer Craft, a civil engineering graduate student at BYU, won first place and $5,000 at the university’s annual Three-Minute Thesis competition. Full article...

2014 Faculty Publications

2014 Faculty Grants

Alumni News

Brandon Decker

"BYU provided me with important experiences that have helped me become a better engineer and help younger employees at Acute as they get started with us. At the most basic level, my time at BYU provided me with the background knowledge in engineering principles I would need in my job at Acute..."

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