Civil Talk E-News September 2016

Scholarship Society Chairman's Message

Lee E. Cammack

Scholarship Society Chair and President

As Chair and President of the Scholarship Society for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering thank you for all that you do to make BYU, and specifically the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, successful. Your support over the years has had a major impact on the lives of young aspiring engineers and throughout the world as they have shared their skills and talents in many locales.

This year, we are in the midst of exciting developments at Brigham Young University. I had the opportunity to attend the groundbreaking for the new engineering building. This new structure will provide an enhanced learning experience for students and better prepare them to go throughout the world practicing their professions. It will also help BYU continue to attract the brightest and best.

Even in the midst of the fundraising efforts for the new building, your participation has allowed us to continue to support our students and important department activities. During the 2015-2016 year the Scholarship Society was able to assist students with scholarships totaling in excess of $178,000. In addition to the scholarships you helped 51 students participate in study abroad courses (10 to China, 23 to the Dominican Republic and 11 to the Netherlands and 7 to Italy). You also helped the students participate in the Rocky Mountain Conference, the AREMA Conference, and the ITE Western District Conference.

These things are made possible because we have many of you contributing and when there are many hands the work is light. We recognize that every situation is different, but we are continually grateful to have so many contributing at the levels they can. We see contributions from current students all the way to those who have finished their working careers, and everything in between. Thank you for your commitment and generosity.


2016 Rocky Mountain Conference

Every year, students from the Civil Engineering Department at Brigham Young University compete in the ASCE Rocky Mountain Conference.

Getting Carpoolers Through

Grant Schultz and his students logged thousands of freeway miles to find out what percentage of cars used the HOV lane illegally during heavy traffic.

Korean Dignitaries Visit BYU

On Friday, August 5, Korean dignitaries Dr. Tae Sang Ryu and Dr. Sung Hoon Kim visited BYU to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The purpose of the agreement is to promote the sharing of water resource tools, technologies and trainings between BYU and K-water, South Korea's national water agency.

BYU Civil Engineer Receives ASDSO Scholarship

Civil engineering student Cali McMurtrey has been awarded the 2016-2017 Senior Undergraduate Scholarship from the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

2016 Robert Ridgeway Award

The Brigham Young University student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) received the 2016 Robert Ridgway Award for the most outstanding student chapter.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology