Civil Talk E-News September 2017 (Volume 6 Issue 1)

Rollin Hotchkiss

Best wishes from the Clyde Building! The view from my narrow window is now full with the construction of our new engineering building. Still unnamed, it’s being referred to as the “New Engineering Building.” That is as far as our imagination goes at this point. As we ready for the move 100 ft to the South in August, we prepare to bid farewell to Dr. Mitsu Saito, who will be retiring in just a few months. Dr. Saito has been a valuable member of our department for many years and has contributed to our growth and development in the transportation area... Read More

Dr. Kyle Rollins was the 2018 recipient of the ASCE Wallace Hayward Baker Award for “ingenious innovation in the field of ground modification.”

Dr. Michael Scott receives rare distinction for second time

Dr. Franke finds answers to why the September 2017 Mexico quake was so deadly

Dr. Saito Receives ITE Utah Chapter 2017 Educator of the Year Award

Jocelynn (Anderson) Crowther, balances a career and family life at civil engineering firm

After 21 years of being on the faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of BYU, Dr. Mitsuru Saito has chosen to respectfully step down from his current position to retire. During his time at BYU, Dr. Saito has made many advancements in his personal career, as well as within the department itself. He has been instrumental for rejuvenating the transportation-engineering program at BYU and is currently the founding director of the BYU Transportation Lab. For more information about Dr. Saito’s career and achievements, please click here. 

Dr. Jim Nelson accompanies 15 Capstone students on a study abroad to the Dominican Republic

BYU students sweep the field at this year’s ASCE Rocky Mountain Conference in South Dakota

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Annual reunion with Dr. Saito and previous graduate students 

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