Dr. Saito appointed Chair of the ASCE Street and Highway Operations Committee

The Board of Directors of the Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently approved the appointment of Dr. Saito, a Fellow member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), as Chair of the Street and Highway Operations Committee of the Roadway Council. By being Chair of the committee, he becomes member of the Roadway Council at the same time.Dr. Saito has served as Secretary and Vice-Chair of the committee for several years. He has been member of the T&DI since its foundation and served in numerous T&DI activities. He also served as Chair of the Infrastructure Systems Committee (ISC) of T&DI for four years in the early stage of ISC. The most recent T&DI activity he was involved was the first T&DI Congress held in Chicago in March 2011. Dr. Saito and the former Chair of the Committee were in charge of selecting technical papers for the street and highway operations related sessions of the Congress. Dr. Saito is now involved in the preparation of the second T&DI Congress as a member of its Scientific Program Committee, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, June 8 – 11, 2014. Working with the members of the Committee he will lead activities that will serve T&DI members, especially for those who work in the field of street and highway operations.