John Guymon

In February of this year, BYU graduate John Guymon was made President of Numetric, a cloud-based provider of modern business intelligence tools. Numetric offers business intelligence solutions from data centralization and cleaning, to analysis and publishing, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the state of Utah.

Corporate headquarters are located in American Fork, Utah, though they have clients of various sizes all across the country. They are expanding rapidly and always looking for smart, ambitious, data-oriented people to join their team. Guymon stated, “BYU graduates tend to be capable, friendly people who know how to help a team win. The company’s founders are both BYU graduates, and we have hired many BYU alumni. That said, we maintain an inviting, exciting culture that meshes well with any high-achieving individual, regardless of educational pedigree.”

Guymon explains that Numetric is growing so quickly because they address a real issue in the market: BI tools perform too slowly to effectively answer on-the-fly questions and they are so hard to use that only those with a technical background can use them effectively. Numetric’s tools are among the first to come up with questions faster than humans can. This allows users to be able to explore any issue in their business ad-hoc and find the answers they are looking for. These tools are carefully designed to be easy to learn and use, even for non-technical people. Numetric hopes to change the landscape for advanced data management, building a universal, friendly data platform that makes data accessible to employees in organizations of all sizes.

When asked how his BYU experience helped prepare him for his current position, Guymon reported, “My BYU education is the foundation for my current job. While I may not be using my Engineering degree the way I thought I would, I use the critical thinking and problem solving every day. I learned at BYU that the size of a problem does not matter and that you do not have to know the answer going into it. Every problem can be solved if it is set up correctly and methodically worked through. My time at BYU also gave me the knowledge of how to work in groups and solve problems with input from many different individuals. Above all, I learned that there are more important things in life than money and success. Relationships and experience are more important that a large bank account."

In March of this year, John Guymon became the newest board member of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Scholarship Society.