New Capstone Director: Wayne Lee

Six BYU alumni who are professional engineers in Civil and Structural disciplines (Dan Avila, Mark Christensen, Norm Beagley, Paul Thorley, Roy McDaniel and Spencer Stephenson) have accepted Dr. Hotchkiss’ request to serve on the new CEEn Capstone Program Advisory Committee, with Dr. Wayne Lee as the new Capstone Program Coordinator. Dr. Lee, a PE in Washington & Arizona and a BYU CEEn/Mathematics alumnus, retired as a Shock Physics Consultant and moved to Utah from southern Arizona recently.

The new CEEn Capstone Committee’s main objective is to develop, secure and organize projects to be completed by senior CEEn students and managed by CEEn graduate students. Members of the new Capstone Committee will serve as professional advisors and provide guidance on challenges which students will encounter during their respective project execution. Members of the Capstone Advisory Committee have been project sponsors as well as potential employers for outgoing students.

Capstone projects provide an important avenue for students to transition from academic environment to professional disciplines while learning and developing their abilities to overcome technical and non-technical challenges often encountered in a real world environment. These projects serve as excellent internship opportunities that allow the outgoing students to demonstrate to potential employers of their ability to resolve conflicts, hurdles and challenges in a real world setting. They also provide potential employers the opportunity to “preview” and perhaps down select students with whom they would like to hire after they graduate.

Dr. Wayne Lee will also serve as a lead consultant for the CEEn 472 course and provide professional advice for students attending CEEn 471, 681, and 682 classes. He is excited to work with outgoing seniors and graduate students.