Paul W. Richards

Ph.D. Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego, 2004.
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368N Clyde Building
(801) 422-6333

Paul W. Richards
Associate Professor


University of California San Diego PhD, Structural Engineering, 2004.
University of California San Diego MS, Structural Engineering 2003.
Brigham Young University BS, Civil Engineering, 2000.

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, BYU, (2006-present)
  • Lecturer, Structural Engineering, UCSD (2005)
  • Structural Designer, Degenkolb Engineers (2004-2005)

Professional Development

  • Consistent involvement in professional organizations in technical areas

Consulting and Patents

  • NASA (2009)

States in which Professionally Licensed

  • California (2005-present)

Principal Publications in the Last Five Years

  • Prinz, G.S., and Richards, P.W. (2012). “Seismic performance of buckling-restrained braced frames with eccentric configurations.” ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 138(3), 345-353.
  • Richards, P.W., Williams, G., Schultz, G.G. and Nelson, J. (2011). “Present sentiment about ASCE policy statement 465 among business owners, university professors, and state licensing boards.” ASCE Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice. 137(2).
  • Richards, P.W., Rollins, K.M., and Stenlund, T.E. (2011). “Experimental testing of embedded pile-to-cap connections for pipe piles.” ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering. 16(2), 1-9.
  • Richards, P.W. (2010). “Estimating the stiffness of eccentrically braced frames (EBFs).” ASCE Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction.
  • Richards, P.W. and Thompson, B. (2009 ). “Estimating link inelastic rotation demands in EBFs.” Engineering Journal, 46(3), 123-135.
  • Prinz, G.S., and Richards, P.W. (2009). “Eccentrically braced frame links with reduced web sections.” Journal of Construction Steel Research, 65(2009), 1971-1978.
  • Balling, R.J., Balling, L.J., and Richards, P.W. (2009). “Design of buckling restrained braced frames using nonlinear time history analysis and optimization.” Journal of Structural Engineering, 135(5), 461-468.
  • Richards, P.W. (2009). “Seismic column demands for ductile steel frames.” Journal of Structural Engineering, 134(1), 1-9.
  • Oxborrow, G.T., and Richards, P.W. (2009). “Optimized distribution of strength in tall buckling-restrained braced frames.” STESSA 2009- Behavior of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas, Philadelphia, 801-805.
  • Richards, P.W. (2009). “Using cell phones as audience response system transmitters in civil engineering classes.” Proceedings of 2009 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Austin, TX.
  • Nelson, J.M., Williams, G.X, Schultz, G.X., Richards, P.W., Wight, T., and Armstrong, J. (2009). “Assessing higher education response to the 2006 NCEES model law for professional engineering licensure.” Proceedings of 2009 ASEE Annual conference and Exposition, Austin, TX.

Scientific and Professional Societies

  • Committee Participant, TC9 Seismic Effects Committe, American Inst. of Steel Const.
  • Member of ASCE and EERI
  • Member of Structural Engineers Association of Utah
  • Member of American Institute of Steel Constuction

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty Award, BYU Civil Engineering Department 2013
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, BYU Civil Engineering Department 2013
  • Collingwood Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2010

    (National award for the paper “Seismic Column Demands in Ductile Braced Frames”)

  • Outstanding Teacher Award, BYU Civil Engineering Department 2010

Institutional and Professional Service in the Last Five Years

  • Member of college Teaching and Learning Committee (2010-present)
  • Member of department Undergraduate Affairs Committee (2010-present)
  • Member of department Graduate Affairs Committee (2006-2010)