Rollin H. Hotchkiss

Hydraulics & Water Resources
Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering, 1989.
Contact Info - Office: 
368C Clyde Building
(801) 422-6234

Rollin H. Hotchkiss
Professor/Department Chair


University of Minnesota PhD, Civil Engineering, 1989.
Utah State University MS, Civil Engineering 1979.
Brigham Young University BS, Civil Engineering, 1976.

Principal Publications in the Last Five Years

  • Coker, E. Howard, Rollin H. Hotchkiss, and Dennis A. Johnson. 2008. Conversion of a Missouri River dam and reservoir to a sustainable system: sediment management. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 45(4): 815-827.
  • Morrison, Ryan, M., Rollin H. Hotchkiss, Mark C. Stone, David Thurman, and Alex R. Horner-Devine. 2009. Turbulence Characteristics of Flow in a Spiral Corrugated Culvert Fitted with Baffles and Implications for Fish Passage. Ecological Engineering 35(3): 381-392, March.
  • Thiele, Elizabeth A., Rollin H. Hotchkiss, and Philip L. Thompson. 2009. Discussion of “Hydraulic performance curves for highway culverts.” Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 135(3): 242-244, March
  • Hotchkiss, Rollin H., Elizabeth L. Thiele, and E. James Nelson. 2008. Culvert hydraulics: comparison of current computer programs and recommendations for improvement. Transportation Research Record No. 2060, pp. 141-152.
  • Stone, Mark C. and Rollin H. Hotchkiss. 2007. Evaluating velocity measurement techniques in shallow streams. Journal of Hydraulic Research 45(6): 752-762.
  • Stone, Mark C. and Rollin Hotchkiss. 2007. Turbulence descriptions in two cobble-bed reaches. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 133(12): 1367 – 1378, December.
  • Conroy, W.J., R.H. Hotchkiss, and W.J. Elliot. 2006. A coupled upland-erosion and instream hydrodynamic sediment transport model for evaluating sediment transport in forested watersheds Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 49(6): 1713 – 1722.
  • Huffaker, R., and R. Hotchkiss. 2006. Economic dynamics of reservoir sedimentation management: optimal control with singularly perturbed equations of motion. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 30(2006): 2553-2575.
  • Thimmes, Amanda, Ray Huffaker, and Rollin Hotchkiss. 2005. A law and economics approach to resolving reservoir sediment management conflicts. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 41(6): 1449-1456.
  • Hotchkiss, Rollin H., Emily A. Larson, and David M. Admiraal. 2005. Energy dissipation in culverts by forced hydraulic jump within a barrel. Transportation Research Record No. 1904, pp. 124 – 132.

Work Experience

  • Ira A. Fulton Professorship in Leadership, College of Engineering and Technology, Brigham Young University (2010 – Present)
  • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, BYU, (2005-present)
  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University, (1998-2005)
  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, (1995 – 1998)
  • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, (1989 – 1995)
  • Civil Engineer, Flood Protection Branch, Tennessee Valley Authority, (1979-1985)

Professional Development

  • Consistent involvement in professional organizations in technical and educational areas
  • Teaching professional short courses in culvert and river hydraulics
  • Occasional consulting

Consulting and Patents

  • Expert Witness for flooding issues, (1995-present)
  • Development of Culvert Design Procedures, (2007 - present)
  • Stream Restoration (2010 – present)

States in which Professionally Licensed

  • Nebraska

Scientific and Professional Societies

  • Member of American Society of Civil Engineers and International Association of Hydraulic Research
  • Organizing Committee for 33rd Congress of IAHR, 2009 in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Technical Program Co-Chair, 2000 ASCE Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty Teacher, voted by students, 2008, 2009
  • Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology Excellence in Education Award, 2006
  • Leon Luck Most Effective Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 2005
  • Reviewer’s Award, Hydro Review, 2005
  • Nominated for Advisor of the Year, 2004

Institutional and Professional Service in the Last Five Years

  • President Elect, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI), October 2009 - Present
  • Vice President, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI), October 2008 – September 2009
  • Treasurer, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI), (October 2007 – September 2008)
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Missouri River Recover and Associated Sediment Management Issues, 2008 – 2010.
  • Secretary General, International Coordinating Committee on Reservoir Sedimentation (ICCORES), (1993 – present)
  • Member, UNESCO Task Force on International Sedimentation Initiative, (2001 – present)
  • Member, Environmental and Water Resources Institute Governing Documents Committee, (2006 – 2009)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, (1997 – 2008)
  • Vice Chair and Secretary, Environmental and Water Resources Institute Technical Executive Committee, (2005 – 2008)
  • Member, Transportation Research Board Committee AFB60, Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Quality, (1996 – 2008)
  • Member, Task Committee on Sediment Dynamics upon Dam Removal, (2001 – 2006)
  • Chair, Environmental and Water Resources Institute Watershed Council, (2003 – 2006)
  • Member, Leadership Committee, BYU College of Engineering and Architecture, (2005 – present)
  • Associate Department Chair,(2006 – 2012)
  • Department Chair (2012-Present)