UDOT Materials Lab Internship

Civil Engineering Intern

Job 11:    04012

Job Title:   Materials Lab Intern

Opening Date/Time:  Mon. 03/30/15 12:00 AM Mountain Time

Closing Date/Time:  Wed. 04/08/15 11:59 PM Mountain Time

Salary: $11.29-$17.89 Hourly

Job Type:  Full Time

Location: Salt Lake County, Utah
Department:   81o Department of Transportation

Number of Openings: Multiple

Benefits: This position is not eligible for benefits. CriminalBackground Check:  You must 
successfully pass a criminal history check.
PhysicalAddress:  Region 2 201o s 2760 W Salt Lake City, UT

Recruiter Name: Jamie Anderson

Recruiter Telephone Number:  801-965-4090

Recruiter EmailAddress: jlanderson@utah.gov

Overtime Exempt:   No

Schedule Code:  TL-  Time Limited

This position is open to current university students with preference given to civil engineering students. A letter from the college in which the incumbent is enrolled must be uploaded to your profile no later than the closing date. This letter needs to include year in school completed and overall standing. Failure to submit documentation may resuIt in disqualification from this recruitment.

This is a seasonal job established for students undergoing either undergraduate or graduate study 
in a university program. Incumbents will be assigned to work in the Materials Laboratory during the 
2015 Construction Season. Incumbent will work with Materials Lab personnel, an assigned Resident 
Engineer and the Resident Engineer's group on several projects.

Incumbent will work full time during the summer with same night and weekend work expected. Example of Duties:

• Gather,  identify,  and store samples of materials  to be tested on site or forwarded to a laboratory for testing.

• Sample materials at batch plants,  run gradations and ignition oven testing.

• Inspect materials  used in construction projects  to ensure  materials  have been certified  for 
use and meet specifications.

• Take engineering measurements.


Typical Qualifications: Minimum Qualifications:
• Must be currently enrolled  as a student  at an accredited college  or university.

Additional knowledge, skills, and  abilities required upon entry into position and trainable after 
entry into position:

• Design techniques, principles, tools and instruments
• Principles, theories and practices  of engineering
• Communication information and ideas clearly and concisely  in writing; read and understand 
information presented in writing
• Use engineering data processing and application programs
• Ability to read and understand design plans and specifications
• Perform  advanced mathematical calculations using higher  math such as Algebra, Geometry, 
Calculus  and Statistics to solve problems
• Find, gather  and collect  information or data

Supplemental Information:

Physical Requirements: Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to perform the work; however 
there may be some walking,  standing, bending, carrying  light items, driving an automobile, etc. 
Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.

Working Conditions: Risks found  in the typical office setting, which is adequately lighted, heated 
and ventilated, e.g. safe use of office equipment, avoiding trips and falls, observing fire 
regulations, etc.

Employee may be reassigned to a different location  as deemed  necessary by the Region
Director/Group Leader.

Job Information: