Daniel Jean’s Perspective of Mexico Study Abroad, 2014

I am writing to thank the Civil Engineering Department for their generous contribution to my participation in Latin America Transportation Challenges, this semester. This study abroad provided me with a great opportunity to apply various engineering skills obtained during my studies here at Brigham Young University, including working as a team. This was a valuable opportunity for me to apply my engineering knowledge in attempt to solve a real world problem. I learned the value of teamwork and how important it is to create an atmosphere that allows team members to share their
ideas to help complete our project. I developed a deep appreciation for the Mexican culture, which made me want to value my own at a much deeper level.


My participation in this study abroad has helped me discover how privileged I am to receive such an outstanding education in a gospel oriented environment here at BYU. I hope the department continues to support this kind of initiative, which helps enhance our learning as engineering students.

- Daniel Jean, CE En Student


Students Who Attended Mexico Study Abroad 2014