Scholarship Society Chair's Message

Dear Alumni,

Again as Chair and President of the Scholarship Society for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and let you know about some of the exciting events we have coming up soon. We look forward this year to our Life Long Learning Conference. This event held every other year will be a great opportunity for you to reconnect with former classmates and other friends from BYU that you have known over the years. Our conference will be help October 16-17, 2014. This year will be especially interesting as the conference will be held on campus. This will allow you to view the changes on campus since you were last there and to feel the spirit of Homecoming Week more fully by being right there in the middle of it all. We invite you to join us.

Some of the important dates and information are:

CEEn 2014 Life-Long Learning Conference

Dates: Thurs.-Fri. Oct 16th-17th

Place: 3220 Wilkinson Student Center, Provo, UT

To view more details and Register:

On Friday evening October 17 we will have our Annual Alumni BBQ.  This is a great opportunity to bring your family and come and enjoy good food and great friends, right there in the building where we all spent so much time learning.  While we will always accept donations to the Scholarship Society, we want this to be primarily a gathering and opportunity to socialize.  We hope you will add this event to your plans.  Details are below:

CEEn 2014 Annual Alumni BBQ

Date: Fri. Oct. 17th

Time: 5:30-6:00 p.m. Socializing 6:00-7:30 p.m. Dinner

Place: BYU Clyde Step-Down Lounge, Provo, UT

To RSVP please visit (click on “Register Now” tab)

The fun and opportunities to spend time with friends and family does not end there.  The following morning we will have our Annual Alumni Golf Tournament.  This is a great way to enjoy the fall weather and the beauty of the area.  The following information will help you get signed up:

CEEn 2014 Annual Alumni Golf Tournament

Date: Sat. Oct. 18th

Time: 8:00 A.M.

Place: Sleepy Ridge Golf Course

To RSVP please visit (click on “Register Now” tab)

We have been very pleased with the work of so many in assisting our students.  We have been able to provide scholarships for a large number of our students.  We also have seen the impact that mentoring and assisting students as they prepare for their careers can have.  There are opportunities for us to get involved at whatever level works for us.  It has been a gratifying opportunity for me.  We encourage you to remain involved or get involved if you have not been in the past.

This year the Life Long Learning Conference will give us opportunities to showcase some of the great things that are being accomplished by students and alumni.  If you have attended in the past, you know the quality of some of those presentations, if you have not we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity this year.  It will be well worth it.