Netherlands Study Abroad Pictures and Quotes

"I loved seeing the various technical sites, and listening to the presentations, and I feel like academically this was very fulfilling. But the interaction, with students from around the globe, with locals, and with the other people on the trip, that was what was fulfilling to me as a person."(Cali McMurtrey)

“This trip opened my eyes to greater possibilities for my future career. Seeing results of the ingenuity and determination of so many people over centuries inspired me with greater vision for my own career goals.” (Mariah Chambers)

“I feel like we get so focused on water resources in the area in which we live, that we never really learn too much about what water resources involves in other areas of the world. I was fascinated by the projects that have been undertaken to solve issues in places like the Netherlands, which has such a large area that is below sea level. My view of what is involved in water resources has expanded because of this class.” (Jocelynn Anderson)

“Learning about what places like Deltares and ITC are doing to improve the hydrologic modeling world was a great experience. I learned about a couple of different open-source software that is being created and how that is being implemented in engineering.” (Preston Merrell)