Bridge Management Intern, Complex - Structures

Engineer Intern

How Do I Apply?

To create your personal account and/or apply for positions please click on  Other State agencies also have job opportunities posted on the site.  To view internal openings you must go the "Job Search" tab and click on "State Employee Only Job Listings".

When applying for positions please submit complete answers to the questions in the online application.  The answers to these questions are scored in the review process and failure to answer the questions may result in a score which falls below the interview level.  In addition, answering questions with general statements such as "see résumé" are not acceptable and will negatively affect the applicant's overall score.

Also, as part of the application process, you must upload your resume into your profile. Failure to include resume information may result in disqualification.

*Opens 6/3/16, Closes 6/9/16