Sandia Nation Laboratories Student Internships

Structural Mechanics Research and Applications

Group Description:

The Structural Mechanics Research and Applications Group at Sandia National Laboratories develops and applies computational capability to predict response of engineered systems to extreme environmental loadings including blast, impact, and penetration. The groups is comprised of five departments specializing in Environments, Structural Dynamics, Solid and Material Mechanics, Shock Physics, and Component Science. 


Interns Needed: 

Highly qualified graduate and undergraduate engineering students with an interest in structural mechanics research and apllications, including environments definitions, structural mechanics simulation, material mechanics, and shock physics are needed to support on-going programs during the summer of 2017. Successful candidates will be assigned a staff mentor and work as part of a team of interns from across the United States. 


Minimum GPAs of 3.2 for undergraduate and 3.5 for graduate student internships are required at Sandia. Preference will be given to students that meet more rigorous requirements of 3.5 undergraduate and 3.7 graduate GPS. Applicants must be eligible to pursue a Department of Energy security clearance. More information and application is available at the Sandia recruiting web site: Search for specific internship postings #654739(graduate), #654740(undergraduate). 


For more information refer to the attachment. 

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