LEI Engineers & Surveyors Internship

LEI Engineers & Surveyors is looking for a structural engineering intern. Typical job responsibilities include designing structural members for residential light timber frame buildings and writing letters to resolve in-field construction issues. Interns work directly with multiple structural engineers who will train and mentor employees with all tasks. LEI is very flexible with time off and will work with class schedules. Potential applicants should be able to work about 15 - 20 hours during school and 40+ hours during the summer. Preference will be given to those who can commit to longer-term employment. This includes younger students in the program or those who are planning to get a Master's Degree at BYU. No relevant coursework is required as employees will receive all applicable training. Anyone with questions or interested in applying should contact Aaron Roper (aaronbroper@gmail.com) who is currently working as a structural engineering intern.