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Rollins Gives Osterberg Memorial Lecture

Professor Kyle Rollins was selected to give the 2014 Osterberg Memorial Lecture by the Deep Foundation Institute.

Professor pitches greenplex proposal for Provo

A Brigham Young University professor has a startling proposal to help reduce air pollution and water use while making all of BYU and Provo much more accessible -- move the entire city indoors.

Brigham Young University ASCE student chapter wins the 2014 Robert Ridgway Award

Brigham Young University ASCE student chapter wins the 2014 Robert Ridgway Award

Pinpointing Utah highway hotspots on the road to zero fatalities

Three BYU researchers are behind the wheel of a new effort to help the Utah Department of Transportation come closer to the goal of zero fatalities on Utah highways. 

New infrared technique aims to remotely detect dangerous materials

BYU research advances a technology to monitor nuclear production.

Dr. Franke was invited to join the the NSF-funded C-UAS

Joe’s Valley Reservoir Dam in Central Utah. We developed this entire model from about 3 minutes of video.

Students and Faculty attend the UDOT Annual Conference

Dr. Guthrie and students prepare to head to the UDOT Annual Conference.

Dr. Henry (Hank) Christiansen retires

Renowned civil engineering professor retires after nearly 50 years of service

- Melanie Brook

Liquefaction Research From BYU Being Used to Rebuild Christchurch, New Zealand

Fig. 1 Photograph showing formation of “sand volcano” as a result of blast induced liquefaction and upward flow of water to the ground surface in unimproved ground. The upward flow of water brings sand grains to the surface.